AB-Creations 11/09/2016 Information

Ashish is a web designer who is graduate and is designing this websites for a test purpose and is very keen on personal service. I would describe him as a spiritual fast learning generalist with a passion for remarkable design.

Cinque Terre

    I am a:

  • Cross Platform App Developer
  • Web Designer
  • an Artist
  • MSP - Microsoft Student Partner

That´s enough of talking about myself in the third person. At first I intended to be an artist and in school i was always fully motivated to become just that. One thing led to another and 3 years went by and I am graduate now (almost) fully fledged web designer without ever planning to become one.

This fortunate turn of events has lead me to design websites for different poeples in my university and also have developed another website for the Society of my University (it's the first time that i have ever developed a website) i.e CSI-Computer Society of India. To work with faculties of my university and friends is very rewarding.

I have been learning web designing from last 3 years and now trying new things in it for a while and it has given me even more love for this work. I have worked with web developers, friends & family (at personal level).

I have coded websites with great respect to standards, because it makes life easier for everybody. My site even used to validate, honestly!

I live in India with my parents and is a fresher right now (looking for a job for cross platform App developnment).

I am a geek who loves new technologies and also a very Big Fan of Microsoft and is curently an MSP - Microsoft Student Partner and i would love to work for them if i'll get a chance to.

Feel free to contact me at any time on any issue like:

“I need a basic website. Simple, yet elegant and a remarkable presence on the Internet.”
“I want to sell stuff online, can you design me through the process?”
“I need a portrait or a sketch of some one.”

So here are your action items: Hire me or Contact me.



What's this Website is all about ?

AB-Creations 11/09/2016 Information

MOBTRICKS as the name says "Mobile + Tricks" this website will cover all the mobiles of cross platform and will guide you how to do some of the awesome tricks you have never done. I would describe the whole process in step wise as well as a video will be uploaded if possible. In addition to this we will also cover some of the awesome tricks and facts of different O.S like Windows Android & Ios

    We will post :

  • Tips and tricks of Cross Platform Smart Phones
  • Tips , tricks & some facts of different Operating Systems
  • Will post some of the best and unique tricks proved to us by any anonymous person or geek
  • Announce a winner who will provide us the best post & tricks at every weekend and he/she will be awarded with lots of prizes which will be mentioned at the starting of every week.

That's all about the website.

Feel free to contact me at any time if you:

“Have some new ideas, suggest me now !!”
“Want to work with me on this Idea, Contact me !!”
“Want to know more, Ask me !!”

So here are your action items: Ask me , Contact me or Tell me Your Ideas !